2020 Summer Vacation

Greeting from Trout Lake!

We would like to update everyone on a few changes of procedure for this summer. We understand this will be a “different” summer than those in the past, but do believe it will be a great one!

As resort owners, we take our responsibility to provide you, our guest, an environment that is clean and safe very seriously.  This occurs every year regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  We have attempted to analyze all aspects of our operation to install additional procedures that allow you peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Therefore, we are providing below an outline of what we are doing differently this year (keep in mind we continue to do all regular items, plus those items the state conducts with respect to inspections, water testing and such).

  1. Our check in time will be changed to 4 PM to allow additional time for more detailed cleaning. Please respect this time change so we can properly clean and maintain the cabins and grounds.
  2. We will be practicing social distancing in our communications with you throughout your stay, such as keeping a 6-foot distance in face to face interaction. Please be assured we are not being unsociable, just socially responsible in these regards.
  3. We will provide hand sanitizer stations located in the fish cleaning house and main lodge.
  4. Once daily we will spray disinfectant, to the best of our ability, on the common area items such as the benches/chairs/table at the beach, playground, kayak, canoe and life jackets.  Because it is impossible to disinfect these items upon each use during the day, we are asking you to disinfect these items before you use them.  We will provide disinfectant spray upon request.
  5. All rental boats/pontoons must be cleaned out and docked by 6pm Friday to be inspected.
  6. We will disinfect all reserved boats and pontoons prior to your arrival.
  7. With respect to large gatherings:  per the Governors Executive Order 20-04, we are required to close our game room.  We will also restrict access to the main lodge to one related group of people at a time.  If we recognize too many at once are in the lodge area, we may ask some to exit until others are finished.
  8. As it is impossible to sanitize our games, toys/sand toys, books, and puzzles normally available in the game room, after each use, we will not be providing access to these this year.  The following will still be available in the lodge for check out, please ask for assistance: oars/paddles, horse shoes, bean bags, shuffle board equipment. These must be checked out and returned to us when finished.  We will then disinfect/sanitize them. 
  9. We will be removing bedspreads and extra blankets from within the cabins.  These items were typically laundered on a scheduled basis and we do not have enough supply of these to launder weekly.   As a result, if you would like additional blankets, we will be asking you to bring them from home this year. We will still be providing, pillows with protectors, flat and fitted sheets, one blanket and mattress pads, since we are able to launder these weekly.
  10. We will be providing a linen bag in each cabin and ask that you strip the beds upon departure.  This will minimize our cabin cleaner’s exposure of these items.
  11. Prior to your arrival, the outside items assigned specifically to your cabin (such as picnic tables, chairs, and exterior of the grill) will be disinfected. We ask all unrelated guests not to use the exterior items of other cabins unless invited specifically to do so by the cabin occupant.
  12. We always clean and disinfect our cabins to a high standard, and we hope that is apparent to our guests.  We will be implementing additional disinfecting procedures within the cabins specifically to include “touch point” areas such as knobs, handles, switches, pull chains, etc. to ensure that those are disinfected as well as cleaned.
  13. We will be removing items from cabins that guests “share” from one week to another that cannot be easily cleaned (such as decks of cards, cribbage boards, hangers, etc.).  We ask that you bring your own from home if you wish, and remove upon departure. 
  14. We are asking those that have been ill, or have shown any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of their arrival to Britton’s Resort, not make the trip.  This would include those care givers or family members who have come in contact with the ill individual.

We may not have listed everything we are doing, but as you can see, we are making every attempt to consider how items may impact you during your stay with us.  Some cause us to remove or prevent access to previously provided resort amenities and areas during your stay.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but these are necessary per state directive and to further mitigate spread of the virus.  We do not believe the above will prevent you from enjoying the resort and the surrounding exterior areas, beach and lake to the fullest during your stay with us like you always have.  We will alter our operational procedures on an ongoing basis based on directives from the state and the department of health, or as circumstances dictate.

Thank you for understanding and assisting us during this trying time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Aaron and Kelly Britton

Office phone: 218-326-3333 or email: ak.britton@hotmail.com


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