“Our family has been visiting Trout Lake for over 50 years. It is a fantastic family vacation spot and the the Brittons are truly fantastic hosts! The lake is filled with fish that even the youngest of children can catch. It also holds lots of much larger fish for the more serious angler. Over the years our family has caught 20 pound pike, 12 pound walleyes, 10 pound lake trout, 5 pound largemouth and smallmouth bass, and panfish over a pound, and not just one or two fish of this size, but many of them! But you can have fun even if you are not an angler, just laying on the beach and swimming or wading in the crystal clear waters is fun for everyone. The waters were so clear and clean when we first started going to Trout Lake in 1959 that when you got thirsty you could just dip a cup in the lake and take a drink and not suffer any ills! The cabins are first class and very comfortable with lots of room and the porches on each one provide a perfect place to relax with a good book and forget about the everyday work cycle you left behind back home to enjoy your vacation. We look forward to Trout Lake every year and it never disappoints!”